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2D Automatic Hot Wire Cutter


Ruidi RD/MQG3 Automatic Hot Wire Cutteris the ideal equipment to a Radiation department to develop precise conformalradiotherapy. It is used to cut and cast high density foam mold with lowmelting point alloy blocks. Controlled by a computer, it is an ideal upgradedproduct to take place of manual hot wire cutting machine, with features such asconvenient operation, high cutting precise and high cutting efficiency.

It contains main partof cutting machine, control computer and control software, with adaptiveselection of ancillary equipments such as digitized meter, scanner, printer,and graph plotter, etc.

Max cutting size : 380 mm × 380mm

Foam cutting thickness:20-120mm

Max cutting speed: 10 mm/s

Reposition accuracy:<0.1 mm

Max cutting precision:<0.3mm


Product features:

1Controlpart regulate the four shafts using independent PCI motion card. Drive partadopts imported, top grade motor subdivision driver modules with high control stability;

2Itcan be connected to various TPSs with DICOM3.0/RT.

3It ensureshigh cutting precision with American imported linear movement mechanism;

4Ithas incision width compensation function with selection of female/male mold.

5It supportsdigitized meter and graph plotter and also support cutting blocks for photon/electronic, with wide cutting range.

6Formultiple block contours, user can cut in discretionary order to save foam .

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