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Sichuan Ruidi Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company professionally engages in the research and development\manufacture and marketing of new products in radiotherapy field, and meanwhile providing relative professional technologic support and service. We commit mainly to apply the multi-disciplinary technology in modern radiotherapy field.

We have a group of experts and scholars who have been engaged in this field for many years, having established a whole strategic and corporative partnership with many research institutions in China which ensured the company to have a steady flow of innovative. Now, we have formed the characteristics of specialized personnel and serialized products since established. Our products mainly include stereotactic radiotherapy\ laser-targeted radiotherapy\blocking / mold room\QA/QC and radiotherapy supplies etc...In the provision of high quality products, we take the high quality and fast responding service as protection in order to eliminate customers' worries.

We will always be creative, keeping the progress making and continually striving to develop radiotherapy business.

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